Electric bikes have come out of age [ 2 ]

Lightning's LS-218 Superbike Crafted in California by Lightning Motors Corporation

Lightning Motors Corp is offering a ludicrous mode for bikes competing with Tesla’s sedans for speed. Lightning Motorcycle Corp. is an American manufacturer of electric motorcycles. CEO and Founder Richard Hatfield started the company in 2006 in San Carlos, California. The company, as now, offers a single motorbike model, Lightning LS-218 Superbike, for which they ask a reserve. That clears the next answer: the bikes are in production but not mass produced.


Lightning's LS-218 Superbike won the motorcycle field at Pikes Peak in 2013, making it the first electric bike to beat out all its gas-powered counterparts. With a top speed of 218 mph, the LS-218 has been named one of the fastest motorcycles in production. It packs an insane output of 200 hp with 168 ft.-lbs. of torque. It can burst to 60mph in two seconds The 218mph top speed is a conservative estimate based on the speed the bike actually achieved on the Bonneville Speed Flats (is the largest of many salt flats located west of the Great Salt Lake in Utah). That qualifies this bike as barely street legal.

The bike is equipped with an IPM liquid cooled 150kw+ 10,500 rpm electric motor (200 hp and 168 ft·lbs of torque). This high-efficiency permanent magnet motor is housed in a billet aluminum case with an integrated oil pump, and water/glycol heat exchanger and is perfectly suited for high output daily driving.

Lightning’s proprietary Ultra High Power Density Drive system allows max power setting without any concerns of overheating. At highway speed, LS-218 can exceed 100 miles range per charge with the standard battery package. You can use standard power outlets to charge LS-218. At public fast-charging stations, it will take less than 30 mins to charge.

The bikes can be preordered with one of the three battery packs options: 380V 12kwh battery pack covering 100-120 miles per charge; 380V 15kwh battery pack covering 120-150 miles per charge; 380V 20kwh battery pack covering 160-180 miles per charge. Charging Time: 30 mins on a quick charger or 120 minutes on level 2 charger.

Technical Card:
  • Top Speed:218 mph (351 km/h) (claimed);
  • Engine: Liquid-cooled 150 kW electric motor;
  • Torque: 168 lb⋅ft (228 N⋅m) (claimed);
  • Transmission: Direct drive;
  • Breaks: Brembo technology;
  • Weight: 496 lb (225 kg) (wet);
  • Retail Price: from $38,888 USD
RedshiftMX ISO

Alta Motors Headquartered in Brisbane, California

Founded in 2010, Alta Motors has designed some of the best E2W (electric two-wheelers) production bikes and is at the forefront of E2W advanced R&D. Alta Motors has spent eight years to conceive the Redshift MX line. The result is "the most advanced electric motorcycles in the world". They have over-engineered the bike to dramatically reduce part count and weight, Redshift MX line is a motocrosser. Here are the models offered by Alta Motors: Enduro, Supermoto, Motocross (MX) and Redshift MXR. The technology supporting the high-performance bike Redshift MXR is a full package of innovations consisted of the battery pack, motor, bulkhead, and breaks.

battery pack

The R5.8 Battery Pack used by Redshift MXR is a super-dense battery for high-performance electric motorcycles. The battery type is waterproof Li-Ion 350V with a capacity of 5.8kWh. The battery pack uses either a 2.7kW or 3.3kW charger. The offboard recharge time is 1.5 hrs (240V - Rapid) or 3 hrs (120V - Standard).

alta motor

The Redshift's motor (above) weighs 15lbs and puts out 50 hp (36.25 kW) at the countershaft and pushes power through a 3.5:1 gear reduction to deliver 147 ft-lbs of torque from a dead stop at 0 RPM. It’s the electric equivalent of a 250cc supermoto or 40bhp and 36 lb/ft of torque. The bike can run continuously for more of three hours non stop. Is a liquid-cooled 14,000 RPM electric motor which requires maintenance every 1000 hours. It delivers a top speed of 80 mph (128 km/h), impressive for a motocross bike.

rear wp suspension

With a frame build of forged and welded aluminum, an additional permanent mold aircraft aluminum swingarm, the bike wet weight does not exceed 259 lbs. establishing an optimal power-to-weight ratio. The bodywork, the subframe, is state of the art Acerbis manufactured, made of extreme impact resistant plastic. The subframe is made of Makroblend®, a resin engineered for exceptional durability. Equipped with WP air suspension fork on the front and a rear WP rear shock absorber (above picture), the bike weight management is improved, offering the possibility to adjust the suspension to match the race requirements. Electronics and system management is Alta proprietary, Alta-Digital with 4 Maps. The Redshift has 4 performance maps that allow a rider to change the power delivery and amount of regenerative braking of the bike allowing the Redshift to perform more like a 250 or more like a 450 depending on the rider's preference.

Technical Card:
  • Range: 4+ hours of ride on ‘Expert Singletrack & Wood’ map setting.:
  • Top speed: 80 mph (128 km/h);
  • Engine: Liquid-cooled 50 hp (36.25 kW) electric motor;
  • Torque: 147 lb⋅ft (199 N⋅m);
  • Transmission: Direct drive;
  • Breaks: Brembo technology;
  • Weight: 256 lb (116 kg) (wet);
  • Redfish Retail Price: from $11,995 USD;

Harley Davidson will mass produce an E2W in 2019 based on an improved LiveWire prototype

Back in 2014 Harley-Davidson has rolled out an E2W prototype called LiveWire. That bike was able to go from 0-60 mph in under four seconds, which was impressive, but it was limited to just 55 miles of range in “economy” mode. LiveWire was built big and bold to impress, a sculptural design carrying all the marks and lines of a Harley- Davidson bike.


The LiveWire was received with enthusiasm on a tour initiate by Harley back in 2015 but, at that time the market has not justified future R&D and a full production model for Harley. These days Harley considers the market is growing in the E2W segment with competition starting to shape up. In 2018 they have announced they will pursue E2W production in an active way. In March 2018 Harley—Davidson announced that it made an equity investment in California-based Alta Motors where both companies will benefit from sharing ideologies and infrastructure to work co-dependently to develop the next generation of electric vehicles. For the immediate future, they will develop two new electric motorcycles branded under the Harley-Davidson name. Harley expects to offer a new E2W production model in 2019.

Technical Card:
  • Top speed: 95 mph (156.8 km/h);
  • Engine: 55 kW, oil-cooled, longitudinally-mounted three-phase induction electric motor;
  • Torque: 52 lb⋅ft (71 N⋅m);
  • Transmission: Direct drive (single speed), belt drive via the bevel gear;
  • Power: 74 hp (55 kW);
  • Weight: 460 lb (210 kg) (dry);
  • Charging time: 3.5 hr;
  • Sound: like a jet on an aircraft carrier and tire-shredding acceleration;

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