Solar PV Cogeneration Concept

Solar PV Energy Cogeneration Concept

Daily two pics energy consumption

Imagine a modern household where the energy supply comes from different sources like solar panels, wind power or different type of cogeneration units. Using a relative small cogeneration unit and battery storage we can talk about saving thousands of dollars over a year time. How does that work?


First, from the utility company energy purchase agreement, we have a double pick time for consumption, billed at higher rates, which is in the morning time and in the evening (follow the graph below). In between the two pick times, the cogeneration unit based on solar panels mounted on the rooftop is harvesting and generating the most amount of energy. That is the best time to store excess energy in a battery storage system.

Solar Battery System

At the evening time and in the morning when the normal demand is higher the battery system will deliver the energy for household consumption covering the time of the day when the kWh bought from the utility company is at max price. During the day between the pic hours, the household will use the heavy consumers: dryers, wash machine, vacuum and so on. But at the same time, the batteries will charge at full capacity. Not every day the heavy electric energy users will be connected to the system, in such during this time window, we will sell back to utility company some of the energy surpluses generated after the battery bank has been fully charged.

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