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Electric bikes have come out of age - Part 2


The American breed of E2W (electric two-wheeler) or electric motorcycles, offers a lot of punch and a fresh and innovative design. The bikes are the result of a collaboration between numerous designers, engineers, battery manufacturers, R&D companies, and motor manufactures. Follow us! [more...]

Electric bikes have come out of age - Part 1

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Livewire Harley

Electric bikes have come out of age with a very good power-to-weight ratio (PWR) making them safe to ride. Remember if you put a powerful engine on a lightweight bike you will get a death trap. There are some very good players on the North American market. Follow us!  [more...]


Bitcoin(BTC) Energy Consumption and Renewable Energy Solutions

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The energy spent on mining Bitcoin in 2017 has surpassed the average electricity consumed yearly by 159 nations. Bitcoin energy mining problem can be addressed using renewable energy solutions.[more...]

Electric car miles-per-gallon equivalent in terms of greenhouse-gas emissions or MPGghg.

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Tesla Model 3.jpg

In the United States, as in 2017, the average EV consumption gets 55.4 MPGghg or is equivalent to a 55.4 MPG gas car. All depends on how much green is the grid. [more...]

Bloomberg New London HQ 98.5% BREEAM score for sustainability.

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Four words: power, lighting, water, ventilation. This building uses 70% less water and 40% less energy than a typical office block. Despite the overbuild location it has a 98.5% score against the BREEAM sustainability assessment method. [more...]


Community Home - Solar Decathlon, Denver 2017

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Swiss 09

The U.S. Department of Energy generates a lot of interest with solar decathlon competitions. The main idea: create a new habitual space to match the green revolution in a smart urban environment. [more...]

The rise of Gigafactories.

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Tesla gigafactory 1.jpg

The head of R&D for VW had made the comment to reporters that Volkswagen group alone would need 200 GWh of battery cell production by 2025 and the whole auto industry is in need of 40 Tesla Gigafactories. [more...]


Renewable energy geopolitical ramifications.

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Renewable energy transition will make no exception. In a world heavier on renewables, we will have new commodities dictating the energy market trends. The new commodity vehicle will be made from rare-earth metals and other minerals found deep underground. [more...]

Drones are powerful business tools used in Renewable Energy Industry

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drone eye's bird

Investor-owned utilities spent $42 billion in capital expenditures on transmission and distribution last year alone and $100 billion on the operations and maintenance of that transmission and distribution infrastructure. At this scale, any efficiency improvements from drones could have substantial benefits. [more...]


Electric cars help balance supply and demand on the electrical grid.

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Reverse Charging

Electric car owners are earning as much as $1,530 a year just by parking their vehicle and feeding excess power back into the grid in trials commenced in Denmark and carried out by Nissan Motor Co. and by Italy’s biggest utility Enel SpA. [more...]

Electric power generation using energy transitional systems

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Thermal Storage Plant

The little known about is the use of energy transitional systems. The energy transitional systems are coming. The obstacle to overcome for these systems is energy density capacity of the transitional medium. Using thermal resources we can achieve a very efficient cost performance ratio. Thanks to its density, thermal energy allow a great deal of energy to be stored. [more...]

Smart Grid, Blockchain and Smart Contracts

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Total decentralization of electrical grid it is based on Smart-Grid Technology and Peer-to-Peer connections between individual power generation plants as part of a microgrid ecosystem type. Such a system does not have a central authority. Proprietary protocols are shipping the information from one user to another, replicating almost instantaneously the information on all the nodes of the microgrid. [more...]


eTrees of Solar Tree Project

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eTree 05

eTrees are a communication shelter, an urban landmark. “ The eTree is a new generation of connected objects." Using solar panels to capture the natural energy of light, the eTrees are providing services, connectivity and allow us social interaction. [more...]

Aluminum-Ion Batteries

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Aluminum-Ion rechargeable batteries are the new trend in batteries' industry. They have as a goal to replace the existing, more costly Li-Ion rechargeable batteries and everything before that. They are a very good fit for the automotive industry. The new Aluminum-Ion technology is flexible and formable, making it suitable for numerous applications. [more...]

The Q&A of EV (Plug Cars) and EV Charging Stations (Car Plugs).

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Audi A1 Etron

By 2020 as industry predicts, the EV (Electric Vehicle) will become a common presence and the EV market competition it will spread globally. Some new manufacturers are trying to build a name and forge a place in one of the many open spots of the "Plug Cars" industry. Are EV better and smarter as the existing gasoline cars?. [more...]

Battery Banks Technological Development

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Bio Battery

The race is on for new materials and technologies used to improve the battery banks storage capacity and reduce costs. Cheaper battery banks and high storage capacity will work as a distributed electric power generation system used to mitigate power outage, blackouts, browning, peak shaving, and in the same time to improve the quality of the electrical grid. [more...]


High-Tech Roofing with Integrated Solar Panels

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Solar Roof Concept

High tech integrated solar roofing is the new trend in solar power generation. North American roofing manufacturers are looking to green in a simple and sleek way using low-profile alternatives that blend into a home's existing roofing for a maximum aesthetic appeal. [more...]

Green Transportation Corporate Culture in Silicon Valley

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Silicon Valley is the nickname for the southern portion of the San Francisco Bay Area (SFBA) situated in Northern California. It is home to many of the world's largest high tech corporations, as well as thousands of tech startup companies. The term of Silicon Valley originally referred to the region's large number of silicon chip innovators and manufacturers, but eventually came to refer to all high-tech businesses in the area.  [more...]


101 Smart Grid Energy Storage.

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Energy Storage

A report released by the United States Department of Energy further describes the potential benefits of energy storage technologies to the electric grid: “Modernizing the electric system will help the nation meet the challenge of handling projected energy needs—including addressing climate change by integrating more energy from renewable sources and enhancing efficiency from non-renewable energy processes. [more...]

Electric Power Conservation with Tesla Powerwall Storage Systems

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Powerwall Hours

At the evening time and in the morning when the normal demand is higher the battery system will deliver the energy for household consumption covering the time of the day when the kWh bought from the utility company is at max price. During the day between the pic hours, the household will use the heavy consumers: dryers, wash machine, vacuum and so on. [more...]

PV Solar Power Plants Re-Powering and Optimization

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Repowering with Fronius_Galvo


Now and even more in the nearest future, residential rooftops and utility PV power plants will be in need of repowering and optimization. The repowering and optimization come as a necessity when the quality of the installation deteriorates prematurely or the yields of the PV plants are underperforming. Repowering and optimization targets both the PV arrays or strings and the electrical base of system components. [more...]


Smart Grid integration over Internet (IP Protocols) with Utilities' Grid

Smart Grid Renewable

At the very beginning, utility companies have been experimenting with TCP/IP on the back-end networks for a long time. Erich Gunther of Enernex (www.enernex.com) will present a reference model and the concept of network operations for the power industry including how the Internet protocols fit in that space. [more...]

Solar PV Cogeneration and Smart Home Concept

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Solar System Monitoring

Imagine a modern household where the energy supply comes from different eco-sources like solar panels, wind power or a different type of cogeneration units. Using a relative small cogeneration unit and a battery conservation system we can talk about savings in thousands of dollars over a year time. How that works? [more...]


Tesla Model X Cross Road SUV w Auto-Pilot

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Tesla Model X is a crossroad SUV sharing 60% of Model S parts and components. It comes with two choices of lithium-ion battery packs, a 60KW-h with a 210 miles range and a better option 85KW-h battery pack with a 270 miles range. The car is AWD is equipped with 2 powertrains front and rear. [more...]

An Eco Entrepreneur Tale - Green Remodeling

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Before you start green remodeling your house be aware that buildings and humans alone contributing more as 40 percents of the greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. A house is a living habitat generates outgases and changes the microclimate culture based on materials it incorporates. [more...]

Building of Lime, Straw and Clay - Passive House Concept

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Straw Bale Home

What makes this type of house so special? The basement (in some of the models) is normal brick and finished with a concrete ceiling. In this way, we have the foundation we need to build high above the ground and to protect the construction on top from common diseases like water infiltration. [more...]

101 Smart Grid and Power Generation: Basic Considerations.

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Smart Grid @ Utility Company

Power generation and power transportation are one of the largest and most capital-intensive industries. U.S. has as total asset values more than $800 billion and annual sales more than $300 billion. The total cost of electric energy generation it can be divided into three segments: Generation, Delivery, and End Use. [more...]


EV Supercharger Highways

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EV cars (pure EV cars, zero CO2 emission) they do not have an extensive network of adequate chargers in the US and elsewhere, but that until now. The game changer it is offered by Tesla Motors. EV supercharger highways come with stalls equipped with free 120KW supercharger stations.  The number of stations is facilitating to travel coast to coast with no CO2 emission and is free between cities [more...]

Are lane-way houses a solution to affordable housing?

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These homes are typically built into pre-existing lots, usually in the backyard and opening onto the back lane. The main advantage they are an addition to the main house enhancing the functionality and the architectural look of an existing garage or a garden shed which they will replace. [more...]

Sustainable living solution on 320 square feet.

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The company "Nomad Micro Homes" says the home can be built in an urban, or rural environment and can be used as a home, office or studio. They offer a mobile solution for any interested to have them installed on small lots with a footprint no less as 33'. [more...]


Electric Scooters Daimler Next Smart Project

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E Scooter

(Reuters) - Daimler's (DAIGn.DE) Smart brand of two-seater cars is to add electric scooters to its range from 2014, following up on this year's launch of a new battery-powered version of its Smart ForTwo car  [more...]

Daimler Begins Shipping Smart Electric Bikes

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smart e-bike

Stuttgart. Outstanding recognition and the highest praise for the design: the smart ebike is one of the winners of "Red Dot Design Award". The first models are being successively delivered from the end of April/beginning of May 2012. The first owners will be the numerous customers who have taken advantage of the possibility to reserve an ebike since November 2011. [more...]


Siemens' eHighway of the Future' new concept

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ehighway (1).jpg

Siemens Corp, a global powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering, is introducing what it calls the "eHighway of the future", a concept that involves the electrification of trucks and select highway lanes via overhead electrified wires similar to those of modern day trolleys or streetcars powered on many city streets. [more...]

Tesla S - Greener automotive future

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An electric powertrain so advanced it sets new standards for premium performance. [more...]