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Importance of earth-rare and critical minerals

35 Minerals as Critical

On the 20th December 2017, WH current administration has been issued the Executive Order 13817: “A Federal Strategy to Ensure Secure and Reliable Supplies of Critical Minerals”. Pursuant to the Executive Order 13817, the DOI released a list of 35 minerals the USGS identified as critical minerals. This list will be reevaluated every 2 years and publish by USGS - United States Geological Survey, which is part of the DOI - Department Of Interne.


Climate Change and Community Microgrids

Community Microgrids

In our times when climate changes, natural disasters, planned and unplanned power outages are becoming very frequent and are a permanent fixture of our daily life, the notion of resilience is having an important place in the way living communities are defined. In the best scenario, a Community Microgrids can keep Community Loads online indefinitely during power outages of any nature.


Renewable supply chain, trade wars and the search for new solutions


Renewable Energy Industry is part of the global trend of electrification just as transportation industry is. Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, and High Capacity Batteries are making that doable. These days we talk about a four-corner intersection between mainstream technologies, geopolitical leverage, trade, and trade wars, ​​IP (Intellectual Property) protecting R&D Innovations.


EV's solid state battery bonanza

Solid-State Battery Bank

In a nut shell: before the electric cars totally will take over petrol based transportation, the battery pack(s) must be reinvented in order to come in line with consumer demands and become a viable and reliable solution universal accepted. “For passenger cars, we should see prototypes in the early 2020s,” said Andreas Hintennach, head of battery research at Stuttgart, Germany-based Daimler.


Energy Grid Storage with pumped thermal heat exchange

Pumped thermal grid storage with heat exchange

Having a system capable to store the energy generated in huge quantities at pick hours, and at the same time being relatively inexpensive, will solve Utility Companies dependency of "Peaker Plants" being fired at pick hours, in order to cover the demand. Peaker plants are fossil-based power plants and are intense polluters.


Electric bikes have come out of age [ 2 ]


The American breed of E2W (electric two-wheeler) or electric motorcycles, offers a lot of punch and a fresh and innovative design. The bikes are the result of a collaboration between numerous designers, engineers, battery manufacturers, R&D companies, and motor manufactures.


Electric bikes have come out of age [ 1 ]


Electric bikes have come out of age with a very good power-to-weight ratio (PWR) making them safe to ride. Remember if you put a powerful engine on a lightweight bike you will get a death trap. There are some very good players on the North American market.


Bitcoins energy consumption with renewable solutions


The energy spent on mining Bitcoin in 2017 has surpassed the average electricity consumed yearly by 159 nations. Bitcoin energy mining problem can be addressed using renewable energy solutions.


Electric cars miles per gallon emission equivalent

Tesla Model 3

In the United States, as in 2017, the average EV consumption gets 55.4 MPGghg or is equivalent to a 55.4 MPG gas car. All depends on how much green is in the grid.


Bloomberg New London HQ 98.5% BREEAM score for sustainability

Bloomberg LDN Exterior HQ

Four words: power, lighting, water, ventilation. This building uses 70% less water and 40% less energy than a typical office block. Despite the overbuild location it has a 98.5% score against the BREEAM sustainability assessment method.